Justin Bourassa, age 7

   One day I went to my grandpas. My mom and dad had to pack the car. We brought lots of our toys. My favorite thing was my money collection. My favorite coins are my collection of loonies.

   Then we started driving there. The trip was very long. My mom said it was four hours long, than we got there. My grandpa's name is Norm and his wife is Hugette and they took care of Hugettes son, his name is Pierre. We brought lots of food. We brought lots of potato chips and lots of suckers. Pierre had his very own sea-do. My grandpa has a lake. It was a humongous lake. We had a turkey dinner for supper. After supper we went to bed.

   In the morning my dad went outside on the sea-do. He went very far on the lake. When we came back, he said to me "there are no loons today". So I said "okay, we can go back inside". He said "we can look at the frogs". I said "okay". At lunch, I had toast and ham and carrots and cheese, so I made a sandwich. In the afternoon my dad and I went out on the sea-do. He took me to see if there were any loons out there so we went out to see. And guess what, there were lots of them on the lake that day. So we followed them everywhere. When we drove near them they would go under water, and they'd pop up somewhere else. I was laughing a lot. Then we went back home.

   We had supper at grandpa's house. We ate a normal supper and then we went to bed. It felt like the night went on for ever. Then we woke up and we had breakfast. I went out side to look at the frogs. Then I asked my dad if we could go out side on the sea-do and look for loons in the lake. Dad said okay so we went out on the sea-do. My dad had to put in gas for the sea-do, then we went on it and we saw loons out on the lake again. So we chased them everywhere in the lake. I was laughing even more. Then we had to go home again and then we had lunch. After lunch I look out all of my money collection. I looked at my loonies and they looked cool.

1 dollar - Canada - 2002